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Government back down - national environmental laws watered down, postponed

As countless plants and animals hurtle towards extinction, the Albanese Government just announced it will fragment and delay urgent law reforms to address Australia’s extinction crisis. 

Instead of delivering a full package of new laws this year that actually protect nature, the government now plans to take baby steps – drip feeding legislation to establish a (potentially toothless) federal EPA and Environmental Information Australia, and a few other small things.  

The rest might come later – highly likely not this term of government. So possibly never. 

It’s an astounding, devastating announcement – so we need to act fast. 

Australia is a deforestation hotspot. Land clearing is destroying forests and savannas across the continent – yet is barely assessed under our current environment laws.  

Our climate is breaking down, yet Australia’s Environment Minister does not think it’s her job to assess the climate harm or cumulative impact of new coal or gas projects (though our client’s Living Wonders climate cases strongly disagree). 

These law reforms are already long overdue. The places, animals, people and plants we love cannot wait any longer for action. 


Can you send an urgent email to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and call on him to deliver Australia’s new nature laws in full this year?


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