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Go Kart track proposed for Mount Panorama - another good idea, but in the wrong location.  See press release.

Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management - submissions now closed, but the issue still not resolved.

3X snow red-necked wallaby pair close.JP

We love mountain biking, but not > 60 km of new trails and possibly major competitions.

Destination PAGODA - near LITHGOW

A really good initiative to for a win-win solution for the Gardens of Stone area to increase tourism and provide permanent protection.   Here are the links for further information: 

Our member group, Lithgow and District Environment Group has been very busy helping with this project.

This draft plan contains very controversial proposal to develop a huge mountain bike circuit (> 60 km of new trail) plus associated infrastructure within the SCA.
CWEC intends to object to this plan.  While supportive of mountain biking in general, we feel that this development is not appropriate in a SCA, particularly this one.  Mount Canobolas is too small, too environmentally sensitive (with many threatened species) and the intrusive nature of the development would impact on the peace and quiet for other users, not to mention the fauna, such as the red-necked wallabies pictured.
There are alternatives: better sites (eg the huge state forest adjacent) and better approaches to encourage visitation eg encourage more passive uses of the park, guided walks, art classes etc.
If you are interested in learning more about this, watch this space as I'm going to try and add a link to the Office of Environment's page so you can add your comment on the plan (the deadline is 1st October 2018).
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