The Central West Environment Council makes regular submissions to local and state government on issues relating to conservation. Below are some submissions for your information, with the most recent year on top, and then in chronological order.

2017 Submissions

20171201 CWEC Moorlarben mine Mod.14

20171023 Letter to Environment Minister re The Drip
20170928 CLMA Regs CWEC
20170707 Travelling Stock Reserve Review

20170621 Biodiversity Conservation reforms
 20170518 R040-17 Bylong Coal Project

20170103 Lachlan WRP
20170223 Amendments to MDBP Northern Basin CWEC
20170703 State Heritage listing of Cliefden Caves area
20170704 Wilpinjong PAC CWEC submission

2016 Submissions

20161008 Mt Canobolas Mountain Bike Trail letter to Mark Speakman
20161202 Wilpingong Extension PAC Review RO39-16
160907 Submission to Senate Inquiry into Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill 2016
20160704 Draft Central West and Orana Regional Plan
20160819 Mt Canobolas Mountain Bike Trail Concept Plan comments
20160812 Water Augmentation Enquiry
20160307 Wilpinjong Extension
20160311 Nuclear waste site Hill End
20160729 crown land enquiry
20160129 Water Trigger Central West Environment Council submission

2015 Submissions

Select Committee on the Murray Darling Basin Plan Sept 2015
20150313 Response to Planning Minister re regional growth and third party rights
20150429 Cadia East modification CWEC submission
20150720 Draft Change to Mining Policy 20July2015
20150731 Moorlaben extension 31 July 2015
20150807 Mt Canobolas bike track- constraints paper
20150923 Murray-Darling Basin plan enquiry Sept 2015
20150924 EPBC (Standing) Bill submission

2014 Submissions

140617 CWEC submission to Crown Lands White Paper

CWEC Submission on Saving Our Species

CWEC submission to NRC re weed management review\

140226 CWEC submission to Planning Assessment Commission on Moolarben Mine Stage 2

140227 CWEC submission to Planning Assessment Commission Moolarben Stage 1 Mod 9

CWEC submission to Biodiversity Offset Policy for major development_9May2014

141001 CWEC Letter to Baird re The Drip

141010 Letter to Planning Minister (2)

Zirconia rare earth uranium mine

NSW planning system review_CWEC


2013 Submissions

Cobbora mine preferrred project

Wilpinjong mine extension CWEC

Forestry in SCAs

Submission on Crown lands

CWEC submission to NRC re weed management review

2012 Submissions

CWEC submission - Macquarie River to Orange pipeline project

120411 CWEC Submission Proposed Basin Plan_final

CWEC submission to Moolarben Stage 2 preferred project

NSW planning system review_CWEC


2011 Submissions

CWEC submission LHPA review

CWEC submission Macquarie pipeline controlled action

CWEC submission to LHPA options paper

CWEC submission to Planning Review

CWEC Submission to Water Act Inquiry